Dumbbell back exercise

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dumbbell row is a weight training exercise that targets the muscles of the
back, specifically the lats, traps, and rhomboids. The exercise is performed by
holding a dumbbell in each hand and then bending forward at the hips, keeping
the back straight and parallel to the ground. The dumbbells are then pulled
towards the body, keeping the elbows close to the sides, and then lowered back
to the starting position. This exercise can be done with one arm at a time or
with both arms simultaneously. Dumbbell rows can be done in a variety of
different positions such as bent over, kneeling, or standing and it can be a
great exercise to increase muscle size and strength in the back.


to do it?

for a dumbbell row exercise:


Start by standing with your feet hip-width apart and a slight bend in
your knees.


Hold a dumbbell in each hand with your palms facing your thighs.


Bend forward at the hips, keeping your back straight, and lower your
torso until it is parallel to the ground.


Allow the dumbbells to hang at arm’s length from your shoulders, with
your palms facing each other.


Inhale, and then exhale as you pull the dumbbells towards your sides,
keeping your elbows close to your body.


Keep your back straight and avoid swinging the weights.


Squeeze your shoulder blades together as you lift the dumbbells.


Hold the contraction for a moment, then lower the dumbbells back to the
starting position.


Repeat the movement for the desired number of reps.


important to maintain proper form throughout the exercise to avoid injury and
target the right muscles. Make sure to use a weight that is appropriate for
your fitness level, and if you’re a beginner, it’s recommended to start with a
light weight and gradually increase as you gain strength.